Click Here to Save Darfur

Some people might argue that they did not see any influence made by social media. They do not understand why they had to pay attention and spend money on these social media methods. However, “Click Here to Save Darfur” is a successful example to show how effective social media is. A student in Sudan used Facebook to decry the human rights catastrophe in a public bog. He was not sure if it would encourage people to save Darfur. FaceBook is not only using to support online courses, but it brings a great influence in the real world. The student asserted, “Facebook is the platform that allows us to make social change and realistic things happen.” According to this article, it mentioned that the effectiveness of Web organizing could be also measured in dollars. For instance, in 2006, the online donation is near to 6.9 billion from a year earlier. Obviously, it is easy to see that social media does have a great influences on our society.


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