The 12 reasons why UK business don’t blog

‘‘The 12 reasons why UK business don’t blog’’ is an article discussed why UK businesses don’t blog. The author mentioned several ridiculous and funny reasons. For example, some CEOs are not going to allow their minors to blog because they think their employees so wild that the CEOs cannot control what their employee will say. And also, they think it might be too risky to allow their colleagues to write blog posts. That is really hard to believe. How can a CEO hire someone that he doesn’t really trust? Some CEOs also think that they cannot see any return on investment. The author asserts that corporate blogging is a very useful part of their SEO strategy. It also takes part in conversations with your customers. I think these CEOs need to think more. I suggest if these CEOs are not familiar with these social media, they can have a PR consoler so that they can work with the social strategy effectively.  


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