Improve Client Relationships Through Social Media

This week, I read an article, called “Improve Client Relationships Through Social Media.” Dan Backus is a co-founder of The Port Network. He gives four tips for building the power of social media to support your company’s communication with your customers. The four tips are to know your audience, align organizational objectives with social media tools, establish procedures, and identify resources and bring everyone on the same page. Most of them we have heard it many times. But, for the establishing procedures, I did not hear it often. I agree with him. I think he mentions a really good point that I had been ignored it for long time. Since companies need to have a higher level of trust in their publics, only social media can do it instead of other communication tools. In addition, he also assets that it is important to retain some oversight to ensure communications remain appropriate and focus on your company’s goals. He suggests that it could begin by identifying forum moderators and developing rules for posting.


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