Question for PR students: To blog, or not to blog?

This week I read “Question for PR students: to blog, or not blog.” Blogging is getting popular now. But, many people like me; they only read blogs instead of writing a blog. For example, I always read blogs but I do not really use blog often. However, I do think that it is important to use blogs for PR people. PR people must be familiar with every type of social media so that they can persuade their clients more effectively. In addition, writing a blog might not be easy but it shows how creative you are. In the article, Stacy Spaulding, a journalism professor, gave a good example to encourage PR students to use blogs. She asserted, “not only does it tell an editor that student is thinking about his work creatively, but it also demonstrates that he’ll be able to contribute to the expanding multimedia demands newspapers are making on photographers and reporters.” I agree with her. In addition, my teacher said if you wanted to improve your writing, you have to write more. If you want to write more, you must put a lot of blood on it, or people are not going to read your things.


One Response to “Question for PR students: To blog, or not to blog?”

  1. Les Potter Says:

    Yep, that nails it. If you wish to improve your writing, then write.

    I suggest that you write a wide variety of things — creative pieces, news stories, blog entries, comments to blogs, feature stories, personality profiles, academic stuff like research papers, poetry, a novel, songs, movie scripts, short stories, advertisements for both print and broadcast media, speeches, etc.

    Write, write, write — right?


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