Do PR people read enough?

I found an article, called “Do PR people read enough?” This article discussed if PR people read enough. I think most people do not like to read much. They are trying to find key words and considering it as the answer. They do not really care how the quality of writing it is. Most people think it save a lot of time. In this article, the author believed a good PR person is a news junkie, but people do not read that much. I think that is a problem. Many search engine website, for example Google, can only give you about 50% of the information. No one can write a good pitch letter by only using only 50% information. Many people wonder if people are not reading the news, then people can not write good news. Many people assert that reading and writing are always together. No one can write well without reading. Even though Google might save you time, you might miss some kinds of important information too.


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