Marketing Lessons from School Lunch

This week, I read an article from Kille’s blog, which is called “Marketing Lessons from School Lunch.” Paul William, who has worked for a food service company, shared his experience. His job is to manage the school district’s food program. I like a interesting simple arithmetic equation that he shared in the article, which is A-P=S. The A stands for audience, the P means problem, and the S is solution or success. So, the audience minus the problem, and then the result equals solution and success. Audience is always the key to open a door to success. If you do not understand your audiences, then everything is not going to work even though you have a perfect product or idea. In addition, he asserted that it was a tight communication link among these groups. If one of them were not happy, news spreads to the rest quickly. It is a really challenge for marketers to satisfy each group’s needs. I think it is same for PR people. If PR people failed to understand their clients, then it means nothing.  


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