Recently, I read an article, called “Teachers Should Blog, Tweet and Flirt Online Like the Rest of Us.” It argued if teachers could not post their profiles on social networking or online dating sites. It reminded me of news happened in few years ago. This news is about a junior school teacher who felled in love with her student. In the beginning, they did not recognize each other. She did not notice this student until she met him from a social networking website. This news was so popular at that time because that many people thought it was not allowed. After that, many schools started to tell students not going to social networking and teachers are not allowed to post their personal profiles on social networking webside. But, the author of this article asserted that teachers should try social networking services, such as having a blog, texting message with their won families and friends. It helps teachers understand what the world their students live and easy to communicate with their students. I agree with her. Instead, many students do not want to be told what should do or not do. If we can educate our students or children the right concept, these social networking services might be a tool to facilitate their school life or others.


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