Why PR is so important for emerging technology business

Recently, I have read an article called Why PR Is So Important for Emerging Technology Businesses. The article mentioned that PR could help emerging technology companies and reach the larger audiences. In addition, some research showed that generating PR was the most valuable and cost-effective way to promote the business idea. Actually, PR is still not considered as an important subject in Taiwan. I still remembered when I was a high school student, my teacher said that Public Relations was another new term to explain communication. My teacher said if we wanted to study on communication, we should not choose PR as major. Many people in Taiwan do not take PR seriously. They think it is a small part of company. However, since I started to study PR, I have found if a firm or business can use PR effort wisely, it helps develop its business by using a cost-efficient way. People can spend money on PR plan but save more on their pocket.


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