Korea, an English-speaking Country?

This article discusses if Korea should be an English-speaking Country. Many people in East Asia consider that English is an import language. In many Asian countries, English is a subject of school for requirements since elementary school. In Taiwan, many international schools are established recently because parents want their children to learn English as soon as possible. Now, new Korean government makes a policy that all schools in Korea will teach subjects in English. I think it should be considered deeply. Even though English is very important, there are still many problems that Korean government needs to deal with, such as where to find teachers or how to avoid students having accent. For example, Singapore will be a good example. I have a couple of friends are from Singapore. Some of them can speak English fluently, but some of them still have their accent. One of my Singapore friends said that it depended on teachers. If the teachers speak English very well with no accent, the students will have a better chance to learn it well. In my opinion, English is very useful. I also agree if schools teach subjects in English. However, there are still many things to consider. I think the most important thing is how students to get knowledge from subjects instead of language they are using. Language is a tool to communicate. It doesn’t matter how well you speak, such as me. Sometime, I still feel that I had hard time to talk with my teachers and classmates, but I always try my best to let them understand me. One of my high school teachers said, “ You won’t feel shy if you know language is a tool.”


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