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February 24, 2008

Recently, I read an article, called “Teachers Should Blog, Tweet and Flirt Online Like the Rest of Us.” It argued if teachers could not post their profiles on social networking or online dating sites. It reminded me of news happened in few years ago. This news is about a junior school teacher who felled in love with her student. In the beginning, they did not recognize each other. She did not notice this student until she met him from a social networking website. This news was so popular at that time because that many people thought it was not allowed. After that, many schools started to tell students not going to social networking and teachers are not allowed to post their personal profiles on social networking webside. But, the author of this article asserted that teachers should try social networking services, such as having a blog, texting message with their won families and friends. It helps teachers understand what the world their students live and easy to communicate with their students. I agree with her. Instead, many students do not want to be told what should do or not do. If we can educate our students or children the right concept, these social networking services might be a tool to facilitate their school life or others.


Marketing Lessons from School Lunch

February 24, 2008

This week, I read an article from Kille’s blog, which is called “Marketing Lessons from School Lunch.” Paul William, who has worked for a food service company, shared his experience. His job is to manage the school district’s food program. I like a interesting simple arithmetic equation that he shared in the article, which is A-P=S. The A stands for audience, the P means problem, and the S is solution or success. So, the audience minus the problem, and then the result equals solution and success. Audience is always the key to open a door to success. If you do not understand your audiences, then everything is not going to work even though you have a perfect product or idea. In addition, he asserted that it was a tight communication link among these groups. If one of them were not happy, news spreads to the rest quickly. It is a really challenge for marketers to satisfy each group’s needs. I think it is same for PR people. If PR people failed to understand their clients, then it means nothing.  

Why do your clients need media traning?

February 17, 2008

In Why your clients need media training, the author shared her experiences. She said that a PR person arranged an interview with his client, who was the head of product marketing. The PR person tried to ask some questions regarding his company, but the his client did not know how to answer these questions. I agree what the author said in the article, “Media training is important because it teaches spokespeople about how press works and what a feature actually is.” It is a real situation that might still happened in somewhere else. Good media training might facilitate the communication for both company and social media.

10 Ways to Get Coverage in Local Press

February 17, 2008

The article gives some tips from Linda Jones about what PRs should be doing to get into local newspaper. Linda Jones has worked in several big regional newspapers companies. I think these tips give a great sense to engage into regional newspapers. In a couple ways, she mentioned audience many times. Linda Jones asserted that we should know our audience. She said that regional news should be regional. Knowing your audiences is always the key point. If people are not interested in, no body is going to read it. In addition, other ways are important too, such as PR people have to be really careful to make sure all names spelt correctly and respect to their clients.


Why PR is so important for emerging technology business

February 10, 2008

Recently, I have read an article called Why PR Is So Important for Emerging Technology Businesses. The article mentioned that PR could help emerging technology companies and reach the larger audiences. In addition, some research showed that generating PR was the most valuable and cost-effective way to promote the business idea. Actually, PR is still not considered as an important subject in Taiwan. I still remembered when I was a high school student, my teacher said that Public Relations was another new term to explain communication. My teacher said if we wanted to study on communication, we should not choose PR as major. Many people in Taiwan do not take PR seriously. They think it is a small part of company. However, since I started to study PR, I have found if a firm or business can use PR effort wisely, it helps develop its business by using a cost-efficient way. People can spend money on PR plan but save more on their pocket.

Tips For Promoting PR students blogs

February 10, 2008

Tips for promoting PR students blogs gives many tips to encourage people to write for their blogs. Blogging is getting popular in recent years. People will share things on their blogs, such as photos, articles, or videos. But, it is not easy to attract people to notice and read your blog. I have a couple blogs from different social networking, and I have to be honest that not too many people are reading it. I like the tips the article mentioned, especially, building a community. Blogging is a new way to have conversations with people whom you might, or might not know. In addition, creating interesting content and not just posting other people’s things can also attract people to read the blogs because most people like to share and discuss with others.

Korea, an English-speaking Country?

February 2, 2008

This article discusses if Korea should be an English-speaking Country. Many people in East Asia consider that English is an import language. In many Asian countries, English is a subject of school for requirements since elementary school. In Taiwan, many international schools are established recently because parents want their children to learn English as soon as possible. Now, new Korean government makes a policy that all schools in Korea will teach subjects in English. I think it should be considered deeply. Even though English is very important, there are still many problems that Korean government needs to deal with, such as where to find teachers or how to avoid students having accent. For example, Singapore will be a good example. I have a couple of friends are from Singapore. Some of them can speak English fluently, but some of them still have their accent. One of my Singapore friends said that it depended on teachers. If the teachers speak English very well with no accent, the students will have a better chance to learn it well. In my opinion, English is very useful. I also agree if schools teach subjects in English. However, there are still many things to consider. I think the most important thing is how students to get knowledge from subjects instead of language they are using. Language is a tool to communicate. It doesn’t matter how well you speak, such as me. Sometime, I still feel that I had hard time to talk with my teachers and classmates, but I always try my best to let them understand me. One of my high school teachers said, “ You won’t feel shy if you know language is a tool.”

Six Steps to Better Blogger Relations

February 1, 2008

This article gives a great tool to help people to build a better blogger relations.

The article points out six steps to improve blogger relations and describes these steps carefully, which are Win the War, Not the Batter, Human Relations, Commenting, Using Your Blog, Join Their Social Networks, and Opt Them In. Especially, it mentions building a good relationships is important because all we want to do is to keep a long-term reputation. Therefore, good relationships can contribute valuable information to marketplace’s conversation.